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Boscobel has lost scent

CeresCeres Posts: 2,521

My beautiful Boscobel rose has lost its scent. Has anyone else had this happen to their roses?


  • operagavoperagav Posts: 1
    My Boscobel has done exactly the same. It smelt beautiful for the first year I had it but the last 2 years, the scent has got weaker & this year seems like hardly any scent at all. 
  • FireFire Posts: 17,348
    Sometimes roses have off years.
  • peteSpeteS Posts: 963
    I have Boscobel, in it's second year in a pot, and it's been utterly fantastic, one of my favourites. The smell so far has been fabulous...but for reasons recently, for which I can't remember (it's not something I normally do), I cut a couple of blooms as part of a vase display, and within a couple of days they smelt horrible; properly hideous.
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