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Capillary matting

So i set my toms up on some capillary matting this year  and they are doing amazing. Now i have plenty of toms on the plant i want to start feeding the plant, my question is can i put the feed directly in to my water resivour and allow the plants to take it that way through the matting? or will this not work?


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 28,368

    The feeding roots of tomatoes are nearest to the surface of the growing medium so I would suggest feeding from the top.

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  • ShepsSheps Posts: 827

    I'm growing my toms in a Quadgrow, which uses capillary matting, and has a 30L reservoir. 



    I agree with Ladybird, recently I was advised to just put rain water in the reservoir and feed the plants from the top.

    You can put feed in the reservoir ( that's how my Quadgrow is supposed to work ) but it will become smelly and need cleaning out on a regular basis, or so I have been told.

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