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A couple of weeks ago we bought 2 bougainvillea plants and re-potted then into the same (larger) pot. I don't know much about gardening so to be on the safe side when ever I plant something I always add some 'miracle grow' underneath the roots which works well. Anyway, we water them twice a day and up until a couple of day ago they've been doing very well - flowering and ever growing a bit but now they look like there about to die. We had them in the sunshine and as we live in France where it's quite hot at the moment wondered if it's too hot so we moved them into the shade but there not recovering at all. What are we doing wrong - everything else we've planted including roses are all doing well.


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    You mentioned watering twice a day up until the hot spell and then it started to wilt. It's possible that you were training your plant to not put down roots, but the opposite. Watering too often can make the plant roots start to grow upwards sometimes. That means, in extreme heat, they can become suspectible to drying out. You are doing the right thing to keep them out of the sun. You can cut down some of the growth to see if it will slowly recover. 

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    That sounds to me like there is far too much water. Miracle grow is very high in nitrogen which is really not the best thing  for a lot of plants. ( IMO I would not have it in the garden shed .)

    All plants have very different needs, I think you need to have a look at these souces of advice.

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  • Thanks very much both of you, I will just water them once a day and keep them in the shade and keep a close eye on them. I would love to put them in the ground but the garden centre said - in his broken English (we must learn French) 'don't in-case we get a frost in the winter'

  • I have a bougainvillea which I have had for 3 years now. My one thrives on neglect. They don't like a lot of water at all. Too much and the leave will go floppy and drop off. I only water when it's bone dry. 

    Dont think they like humidity either as when I moved it into the greenhouse earlier this summer it did the same floppy leaves thing so it's back for the summer next to a south facing wall. 

    In winter it sits on my daughters bedroom window sill and is left until March when I give it a water and it starts to grow again. 

  • Bought Bourgainvillea 2 months ago.  It is in a pot in my porch.  Have watered twice.   All of a sudden the bracts are falling badly.  What am I doing wrong ??    Is it because it's September,or is it too cold.  Help please.

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  • I’m in New Zealand and we find Bourgainvillea love to be against a warm wall. Mine is planted in the ground beside the garage and gets the sun most of the day, I did have it in a shadier spot and it wasn’t doing as well. Of course being in the ground it only needs watering once a week, but in a pot I‘d say it would depend on the amout of sun/heat. The other thing I’ve done is to put a couple of inches of gravel in the bottom of the pot then there is less chance of overwatering as it can drain away freely. 

  • image  Great tip

      I am in Ireland , so climate not suitable for this shrub.(  trIal and error). But i have one still surviving inside,, and is looking quite good at the moment........... facing south.

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