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Talkback: Watering vegetables

I have recently been told that you should always pinch the flowers out of potato plants. I have been growing potatoes for 35 years and have never done this. can you tell me if this is right.


  • my potatoes have just started to flower, how do i know when they are ready?
  • I have a beautiful Rhododendron which has been in the shadow of a big fir we have recently removed. One side of the plant appears to be dead. If I cut it right back will it come again?
  • Hi
    I am new to growing things, second year.
    I am attempting to find out]why all the leaves of my runner beans have all gone yellow. Also my rubbarb is very spindly and short and the slugs/snails are having a field dy on the leaves - I have set snail traps but my lot must be tyea total (such a waste of beer)
  • hello katoombamoi I hope this will answer the question you posted about pinching the flowers off your potato plants well i watched a gardening programe last year & it was on there that i heared if you take the flowers off you'll get a bigger potato, i did this last year (i've started to do it again this year) i had some large potatoes although i didn't compare 1 plant with another.
    I've just planted a black variety a fellow allomentier gave me have you heared of or tried these before?
  • Hi, Katoombamoi - just to second the pototato flowers question, yes I've heard to take away the seed pods too. Plant using energy to make them that we want as tuber growers for the potatoes. Only do it round the edge of the potato bed as can't reach anywhere near the middle!
  • Does Fatsia Japonica have any bug problems? I have recently planted one between a buddleia and prunas, ornamental plum. The young leaves appear to have been eaten with holes in the middle and ragged edges to the leaves.
  • Hi Rona. I've got a couple of Fatsias and when I first planted them (about 2 years and 3 years ago) they both showed the symptoms of yours. Don't know if something was just trying them to see if they were a good dinner but in each case the following year was fine. Don't know if a resident expert can throw light on it but if they are like mine then don't worry.
  • will my step over apple tree roots spread far because i planted 1.5 metres away fom my pond
  • Is it normal for beatroots to look like
    bullets instead of golfballs mine do at the moment, Are the too close together?
  • planted potatoes as Monty instructed.I have take the early potatoes from the bag they are like marbles. Were have i gone wrong.
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