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  • BoobelleBoobelle Posts: 1
    I really cannot complain about ants - I have lots of them in my garden & had a big nest in the compost bin. It seems wherever I have ants or place the compost the plants thrive like no other fertiliser could make it happen! I struggled growing aubretia in raised beds for years but once the ants got in there & built a nest its flourished and spread beautifully. Likewise my borders look mega-fertisilised since Ive spread the compost over them. Intrigued to know what the mineral depots are left by ant secretions - all good as far as Im concerned - ignore the crawling & leave them alone! I draw the line at ant house or garage invasion.
  • If more people feed there garden birds and gave then freshwater to drink they wont have all these problems I give the Sparrow somewhere to have a dust bath fresh water to drink and bath in and they eat all the ants they can black or red
  • Are they really that much of a problem?

    Every comment seems to consist of different options to Destroy them. They cause little damage and the fact that we are going to kill colonies of insects because they have the audacity of wanting to live in 'our' gardens seems extreme
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