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  • Ants and worms will undermine paving if it has not been laid on a bed of mortar the dab it method creates an ideal environment. They can lift up slabs and destroy crazy paving but there will not be large voids underneath.

  • Hello  we to have suffered ants in the house and on the allotment, I dont understand them though !  they only seem to come out at night and into the food cupboard but dont seem to know what they want ? they dont get on any thing that one would think that they would go for and they are rather switched on as when we open the door they run like mad, my wife was told that black pepper will sort them out and so we put it where they come from and it did the trick, but they find another way to get around it,


  • when we moved into this house 10 years ago .we found the garden was infested with ants. ants ants every's a big job keeping them out of my pots. i look under them every few days.i have sort of got on top of them just by looking for the nest and get rid all the compost if in the pots.or just kill every one i find.imageimagebut am going to try some of everyone's idea's. sick of ants not been to bad this year.

  • I have always followed my Grandmothers ideas and they usually work very well. Boiling water, not just one kettle full but three or four, more if necessary then add a large dose of salt. You may have to do it every two or three years so watch the same spots and you lift a weed and any ants come up put the kettle on quick. I once unearthed a nest of flying ants in a Dutch wall. It took six or more doses of boiling water to eliminate them, but it was four years before I saw another ant anywhere near that spot again. It didn't kill any of the plants or bulbs.
  • i have a very large infestation of yellow ants in my lawn, it says on here that they are not really a threat, but they are definitely a big problem and nuisance for me. What is the best way to get rid of them as i want

    to grow vegetables close to where the infestation is. We have a cat, so, i dont really want to use pestersides, i have tried to use boiling hot water, but fear there are too many for that approach, any advice would be really helpful.
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