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  • mdw84mdw84 Posts: 105

    Also,  Ants are amazing insects

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  • I had a pair of green woodpeckers who kept my grass clear of ants for years, but since my neighbours have built over their entire garden I have not seen them.  Anyone any idea how to attract them back again?

    A couple of kettles full of boiling water poured directly onto the ants nests in the compost bin worked well - but don't try it on the lawn or near plants as it will kill those too!

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    I watched an ant drag what looked like a bit of dead ant in the garden the other day-it found it hard going but even if it "dropped" it -it went back for another go-they must have tiny brains but this one was determined to complete its mission-where it was going with its prize or what it was going to do with it I have no idea-but it passed 5 minutes watching image-I am a simple soul sometimesimage

  • Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

    Thank you All for your Ant tips. We now trying the Cornflour trick let you know if the little blighters go. They are at present under a pond liner that we are trying to renew.  My husband have been bitten twice and needed antibiotics each time.  So be warned.


  • Ants can kill plants by building their nests around the roots, which stops the roots getting any water and consequently killing them.  They can certainly kill plants in pot much more quickly than if they were in the soil because the plant cannot divert its roots to another spot.

    On the whole I don't understand why gardeners (and birdlovers for that matter) regard such things as ants, wasps, rabbits, squirrels as pests and thieves!  They are creatures thave a right to live, and they make their living from the earth and the plants which grow on it (as the birds do) How are they to know that some of them we planted?

    Even the birds get called thieves when they have a couple of "our" fruits!

  • Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

    I have had fruit taken from our trees by birds.  Im happy to share fruit and nuts with the birds and squirrels but the ants this year are a bit abnormal to past years.  I have had several mounds in the ground which i have left untouched.  The pond liner underneath seem to be a chosen spot and although Im happy to let them roam they do not want us near them.  The ants made a mad dash up my husbands legs arms and were on his hat in no time at all.  The bites Caused his hand and legs to swell..We spent 3.5 hours in A & E on the sunday for antibiotics. 

  • Ging2

    I have never heard of such a thing (not that I don't believe you) I think my attitude would be a bit different if I'd suffered that reaction.  Could it be that the weather has affected them in some way - are all the problem areas where it has been in drought? We have had a "summer" of almost continuous rain in the west and I imagine the ants have been drowned!

  • Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

    We started the summer with a hosepipe ban but then within weeks the heavens opened.  It maybe these conditions that have caused the amount of nests we have in our garden ,,, See how next year go,  Its  not every year you renew a pond liner thank goodness,, at present its half completed,  We dont want another journey to the doctors or hospital, 

  • Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

    Tried the cornflour there seem to be less ants ... but alot still moving around .. How long do it normally take?  Anyone know

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