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Did anyone else watch tonight's heart-warming, heart-breaking documentary about pangolins?  If you didn't, try and see it.  Especially if you're an aficionado of traditional Chinese medicine.  Pangolins are scaly anteaters, four species are native to Africa and four to Asia.  Their scales are used in Chinese medicine, despite there being no peer-reviewed evidence that they have any clinical value.  They are trapped by poachers to supply a multi-million-pound illegal market, and their numbers in the wild are decreasing.



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    Saw some of it.   I hope that Chinese star's endorsement helps.   Th search for ingredients for Chinese medicine inflicts pain on live bears "milked for their gland secretions, tigers, elephants and all manner of beast and is just horrid.
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    Yes I saw it,they were so adorable.It's terrible that they are hunted,I hope something can be done to save them.
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    I didn't see it but agree that the way oriental medicines include animal products, for want of a better description, needs to be addressed.  There is scientific basis for many of their plant based remedies but not the use of animal parts.
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    IMHO the vast majority of "oriental medicine" using animal parts is nothing more than barbaric, superstitious claptrap.
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    I totally agree Hostafan!
    The whole truth is an instrument that can only be played by an expert.
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    I have been very lucky to see Pangolins in the wild, on several occasions, they are weird and truly wonderful creatures.
    We need to remember, that we are the guardians of this planet and have a responsibility to ensure that species do not disappear on our watch. 
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    Well said, Punkdoc.  Just because we've got opposable thumbs, we seem to think we have a right to do what we like with "our" planet.
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    I think one of the worst thing is HRT, Premarin! So cruel, I can’t bear thinking about it yet alone use it. 
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    Premarin contains an oestrogen extracted from Horses urine.  It is not used much these days. Mostly doctors prescribe the chemical estradiol instead.
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    Premarin contains an oestrogen extracted from Horses urine. 
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